Why I quit my job & hit the open roads…

So, the story goes… I was working on a freelance job that was due to finish in October so I was looking for a trip in November. Simple.

Most of my friends have settled down with kids so I’m used to travelling alone and, because of my job, my time off is usually fairly short notice. Cue Flash Pack. They had a group adventure to Jordan in November and I thought ‘perfect’. I’ve always wanted to go to Jordan but on this occasion, I felt a little nervous of going there alone.
But Jordan is not where I went. Jordan is where I’m going next year.

Long story short: I quit my job.

It wasn’t stimulating. It wasn’t making me happy, quite the opposite in fact. So I needed a break. I needed to escape. And I needed to do it before November. Back to the drawing board. Back to Flash Pack. ‘What have they got?’ I thought. ‘Now.’ ……

Read the full blog about my adventures careering around the mountains above Madrid on a Vespa with Flash Pack!

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